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Three Crowns in Pieniny

Three Crowns is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Pieniny. The observation deck on Okrąglica, falling on Rowień near Dunajca 500-meter chasm extends perfect view of the Dunajec and the area of ​​the park Pieniny Narodowego.Trzy originally called Pieniny Crown since 1860 until the present name. John of Nepomuk Rostworowski in 1831 wrote: "Anyone who has met these ... this will be their image forever etched in the memory.

Kasprowy Wierch

Kasprowy name comes from lying at the foot of the Hall Kasprowa, and this, in turn, according to folk tales from the name or nickname of the owner - Highlander Kasper. Steep slopes (near the wall) fall only to the Valley Kasprowa. They include several gullies, of which the best known is the Finger Couloir. With all the other parties to the top of Kasprowy is available without problemu.Trasa difficult but worth the gain due to the fact that the view from Kasprowy is one of the best in the Western Tatras. We recommend!

Rafting on the Dunajec

Rafting the river Dunajec gorge through Pieniny mountain range of traditional wooden boat rafting combined with a visit to the church in Debno and Castle Niedzicy. Trip starts and ends in Sromowcach Szczawnica. The trail is a stretch of 18km. Trip time is about 5 - 6 hours. According to the opinions of the Dunajec rafting is one of the one of the most beautiful river gorges in Europe.

Castle Niedzicy and Czorsztynie

Dunajec Castle - a medieval fortress located on the right bank of the reservoir in the village Czorsztyńskie Niedzica-Castle. This castle was built probably in the early fourteenth century by the Hungarian colonial land border with Strážek Rykolfa Berzeviczy, probably on the site of an earlier building defense. In the Middle Ages, and later the emoluments of the owners of the castle consisted of goods involved in a Zamagurze.

On the opposite side of the escarpment Dunajca lake rise the ruins of a Gothic castle from the fourteenth century, situated on a hill above the Dunajec within the national park. Czorsztyn the perfect place to relax by the water, where you can rent equipment and take a dip in the lake.

Sunrise on Mount Babiej

Babia mountain - the mountain range in the band Babiogórski owned Beskidy Mountains in Western Beskid Mountains. The highest peak is Diablak (1725 m), often also called Babia Mountain, as the whole massif. It is the highest peak in the whole of the Western Beskid Mountains, the highest mountain outside of the Tatra Mountains in Poland and the second-eminence (after Snow White). It belongs to the Crown of Polish Mountains. Interesting trip combined with mountaineering and camping morning breakfast at sunrise on the top of mountain


Sokolica in Pieniny - The name comes from the fact that once on the top of nesting falcons. Trail quite difficult requiring perseverance. It has long been a goal tourist expeditions, located in the area of ​​the national park. In addition to the Three Crowns is the most popular tourist destination. The summit is renovated viewpoint. Currently, access to the top Sokolica a surcharge. Start your trip in Szczawnica end in Krościenko.

Slovak Paradise

Expedition in Slovak Paradise in the harness - a journey into the higher and more difficult parts of the Tatra Mountains, starts in Slovakia. The exact place of departure, destination and the end of the expedition depends on the abilities of participants to be determined before going Guide The Slovak Paradise, there are many marked hiking trails and cycling. The most attractive walking routes run bottom of these roklina, which overcomes the most difficult sections with artificial enhancements in the form of metal or wooden walkways, bridges and ladders (up to a height of several meters). A unique attraction is the breakthrough it runs Hornád which overcomes the narrowest sections półeczek a series of metal embedded in the solid, vertical rock a few meters above the river current.

In the southern part of the Slovak Paradise is clearing Kláštorisko (790 m) from the ruins of the Carthusian monastery of the late thirteenth century and the tourist chalet. The shelter node trails. Centuries before clearing was a refuge for the local population fleeing from the Tartar hordes. The Dedinky (795 m) Geravy plateau (1020 m above sea level in the northern part of the Slovak Paradise) leads chair lift.

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