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Rules and regulations


Section 1


§ 1
These Rules and Regulations set out the rights and obligations of Willa Nad Dunajcem Residents.

§ 2
Willa is designed as a temporary Guest residence.

§ 3
Willa is a place of residence and recreation.

§ 4
Willa is privately owned and is dedicated to the special protection and care of Residents, expressed in constant attention to keeping it in proper order and condition.

§ 5
The Willa Manager and staff take actions to ensure the proper functioning of the Willa Nad Dunajcem.

Section 2


§ 6
Prior to occupancy, each Resident is required to refer to the rules and regulations relating to the Willa, including fire and safety regulations.

§ 7
1 Assigned rooms shall be in good condition, furnished with the necessary equipment.
2. Upon arrival, Residents should check the room equipment. Deficiencies should be noted, and defective equipment repaired or replaced by Willa Staff.
3. Acquisition of the room and equipment is based on the protocol of transfer and a receipt, which is signed by the Resident(s).

§ 8
1 Each Resident shall have equipment which is provided on the basis of equipment cards received at registration.
2. Upon receipt, the Resident should check the quantity and condition of each piece of equipment. Items that are not usable are exchanged and noted as such on the equipment card.

§ 9
Room assignment and Roommates are included, where possible, in the proposal when the account is set up.

§ 10
1 Fees for lodging are due at the time of arrival.
2. Unpaid fees are subject to interest under the provisions on enforcement proceedings by the Management.

§ 11
A Resident is required to vacate the Willa:
1.On the deadline date.
2. On expiration of the declared date of withdrawal.
3. On failure to comply with the obligations relating to the settlement of fees for residence, as defined in the lease.

§ 12
1 On check out, a Resident is required to:
Return individual furnishings.
Return room furnishings without deterioration
Settle charges due.
Remove personal items from the room.
 2. Check out after verification by the Willa Manager or authorized person, in the presence of the Resident(s), to ensure that the requirements of the paragraphs above have been met.
3. Regardless of the actions set out in point 2, the room receipt shall be based on the protocol of transfer and receipt, on which the condition of a room and its equipment is stated separately for each Resident.
4. In the event that a room is left without settlement, the Willa Manager shall Based on the observations contained in the minutes concerning the destruction of equipment and facilities, a Resident will be charged for repair (or refurbishment).
5. If a Resident does not vacate the premises on the written (specified) date, provisions of enforcement proceedings shall be invoked by the Management.


§ 13
1 The following are forbidden in Willa Nad Dunajcem:

Behavior that interferes with other Residents.
Possessing and storing items that may pose a danger to life, health, property, or cause inconvenience to other residents.
Storing, drinking or selling alcoholic beverages.
The use of microwave and electric heaters.
The arbitrary setting, rework and repair of electric and gas
Changing locks and keys,
Changes to the building facade or interior decor without the consent of the Willa Management.
Drug selling, possession or use.
Smoking in undesignated places.
2. Management is not responsible for lost property in the Willa.

§ 14
1 Curfew is between the hours of 22.00 and 6.00 in the Willa.
2. During curfew, it is prohibited to act in a manner disruptive to Residents.

§ 15
1 The Willa Manager is entitled to enter a room for periodic monitoring of compliance with regulations. Checks may be carried out in the presence of Residents between the hours 8.00 and 23.00.
2. In the case of a justified belief that a Resident has violated the provisions of the Willa Rules and Regulations, the persons referred to in paragraph 15.1 as well as the Receptionist on duty, have the right to enter the room where Residents have failed to comply with the standards of behavior.
2. Persons referred to in paragraph 15.1, and the Receptionist on duty, shall also have the right to enter a room in the absence of Residents in the event of a threat to life, health or property.



§ 16
1 Guests may visit Residents from 7.00 to 22.00.
1a. At the request of a Resident, where Roommates do not object – the Willa Manager may, in special cases, authorize a paid overnight guest - a family member or loved one.
2. A Visitor who shows evidence of alcohol, does not have the right to enter the Willa.
3. A Visitor shall leave a student identity card or other identity document with the Receptionist, as well as the name and room number of the Willa Resident(s) he or she is visiting.
4. Each Visitor is required to abide by Willa rules and behave in a way that does not disturb other Willa Residents. Each Willa Resident is responsible for the behavior of his / her Visitor(s).
5. Persons staying illegally in the room are the responsibility of the room Resident(s).
6. The Willa Manager or a person authorized by him may order the Visitor(s) to leave the Willa immediately if there is an indication of alcohol, or if the Visitor(s) violates the Willa’s.



§ 17
1. Residents are entitled to work with Willa management directly by presenting proposals the conditions of the Willa.
2. Residents have the right to make use of all Willa facilities intended for common use.
3. Residents may, with the consent of the Willa Manager, make room changes and changes in the equipment of the occupied room.



§ 18
Residents are required to comply with these Rules and Regulations and other provisions for the functioning of the Willa, including fire and safety regulations.

§ 19
Respect for and protection of Willa property and equipment are the duty of every Resident who, in this regard, shall in particular:
1. Take care of the state of the room and its equipment as well as the condition of community equipment and premises for common use.
2. Maintain cleanliness in the room area, and take care of the cleanliness of communal equipment and common use areas, as well as the immediate surroundings.
3. Prevent property damage.

§ 20
In addition, each Resident is required as follows :
1. To notify the Manager about the check-out date from Willa accommodations, or notify the Manager of a later check-out date. No notification shall be regarded as vacating the Willa.
2. To observe dates of occupancy. Failure to meet deadlines will result in additional room charges.
3. To show student ID or proof of identity at the request of the Receptionist or Willa Manager.
4. Leave keys at the Reception Desk.
5. Promptly notify the Willa Manager or Porter of any accident or illness of Willa Residents.

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